Adventures of K and S

Bio: K and myself feel like we can really make a difference and help others by publicly sharing our struggles and adventures with depression, anxiety, self-harm and even suicidal thoughts. We are still dealing with our struggles and we believe that by coming together and sharing our stories we can really reach out to those who need help, support and advice on how to deal with their own personal struggles. We have both inspired each other and helped each other by talking about our struggles together, so we aim to share our stories with the world to further help ourselves by getting everything out and not keeping it bottled up, but to also inspire you to let everything out and come to terms with what you're dealing with. We understand the struggles you're going through as we ourselves have personally been through similar things - yes we're all fighting the same battle, but we each have our own devil to fight. Please feel free to contact us via email if you need direct support, advice, need someone to talk to, or are even willing to have us share your story through our blog. Everything is kept anonymous. -S x

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