Sometimes Good Things Come To An End

Do you have your safe place? Where you just feel like nothing can hurt you there? Whether it’s your room/ house, your boyfriends/ girlfriends house or even being with someone. Does someone make you safe?

Well my safe place is my room and my house. No one can hurt me or touch me. I don’t speak to anyone out of school except S and 2 other people other than that. No one else. I have been on school holidays for the past 2 weeks and it went away in a blink of an eye. It felt like heaven. I spoke to no one from school, slept in each morning, didn’t have to worry about another rumour or someone saying something to me, or me getting hurt. I was safe. I was usually in the arms of my boyfriend and spent most of my days with him except when he had to study for his last year of high school. Sometimes good things come to an end. Like yesterday was my 11 month with my boyfriend, I didn’t want to leave but I had too. School holidays. They always end and you always have to go back to hell. I start school on Monday and am scared and nervous as hell as too what could happen. Scared that things might happen again. I have 8 more weeks of hell then I’m done for 2 and a half months until next year one more whole year. Sometimes I think to myself… ” how am I going to survive this week? How am I going to survive exam week? How am I going to survive seeing the people I have been avoiding or haven’t spoken to or they have ignored me? How am I going to survive today?”
But I go through knowing I’ll get home and be happy again.
Do you have a safe place or someone you feel safe with?
~K xx